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My life as a Marriage Celebrant such an honour, such a privilege to be invited to serve people as their marriage celebrant. People from all walks & cultures of life. When I commit myself to plan & conduct a service, I do as if it was my family. Wealthy or poor, educated or not, my dedication to their special day, their service is no different if they were the Royal Family.

As it’s not every day couples plan a wedding. With that in mind I spend quality time with them, exploring ideas & options, never cease to be amazed as how a new idea can evolve into that WOW factor on that special day.

How vital it is to visit the site where the ceremony is to take place, to choreograph the events for the day. To consider the best background, best light for photos.

How important are they, making sure all parties know their special parts, Words ….Clear & decisive, not rushed.
Entrance… the timing, encouraging a breathtaking impact of elegance, grace, confidence & pure beauty.
All this rehearsed, till all nerves are banished and “I own this special moment “ becomes a defining experience for all who are an integral part of the ceremony.

This is my time when I know, I have succeeded, when my nerves little budgerigar become a graceful swan.
This is why I love my life as a marriage celebrant. I would be very happy to journey with you, as you marry your love.

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